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First of all, we are not only available to set up your social media platforms, but to teach you or your staff how to maximize your use of these sites. Most of the other companies offering webinars or seminars only tell you enough information to entice you to book their company to set these sites up for you and handle your social media needs. This can run into big dollars.  You will walk away from our meetings with confidence and the complete understanding of what you are doing, why you are doing it and the marketing strategies of target audience and specific focus.

Second, we encourage interaction with us.  We want to know all your questions at the time you have them.  We want you to feel comfortable with what you are learning and have a clear understanding of some great, new and innovative ideas. We have a quick response time to emails and phone calls.

Third, we are local. We are available to answer questions, help and assist long after the set up is over.

We are very reasonably priced.  We don’t see a need to gouge our clients and understand that many businesses are unsure of their financial future and want to start gradually getting involved in social media.  Our package plans are sure to suit your needs.

As each client is different, we are available to help with many aspects of social media marketing. Here is a sample of the many topics we are able to assist with.

  • What is Social Media and why you need it.
  • Some Interesting Statistics.
  • Some fun with logos.
  • The Core Principles of Social Media and why each is important.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Why you need a website and what to include on your site.
  • The importance of video.
  • The Google programs.
  • Some help for non-profits.
  • QR Codes and tags.
  • Twitter .  How to set up, find followers, edit your page, get followers, Twitter Lingo

and more.

  • Facebook.  How to set up, tag, get likes, schedule ads, post pictures and video, find new followers.
  • Review sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Urbanspoon and more.
  • Pinterest.
  • Mobile phone apps.
  • The Google Programs.
  • LinkedIn for Business Professionals.

and more.

  • Branding and business identification.
  • Social Media pitfalls to avoid.
  • Social Media best practices.
  • Websites to know.
  • Keys to Success
  • Managing your time wisely.
  • Managing  your online reputation.
  • Additional ways to get known.


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